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End Child Slavery Week (ECSW) is much more than your traditional advocacy campaign. It is a global movement that invites every citizen of the planet to be an agent of change.

To have a real and lasting impact on the lives of children trapped in the living hell of slavery, nothing less than a revolution in thinking and behavior is required by all.

ECSW is about everybody taking responsibility for the world’s children who live in fear every night and suffer beyond imagination at the hands of slave masters. Why? Because they are all our children. Because the cruelty of slavery violates every basic human right and the inherent dignity of the individual. Because slavery destroys economies, justice and security, the well being of future generations and most importantly, because it is morally wrong.

To end child slavery requires serious introspection, complete ownership of the fact that we are miserably failing the children of our world suffering in slavery, a visionary perspective that looks past personal or professional agendas, and an unwavering faith that together we can achieve this goal.


To mobilise worldwide efforts to end child slavery.

End Child Slavery Week 2014 Demand

That the abolition of child slavery be incorporated into the post-2015 Development Agenda.


Read the joint letter and summary concept note.


Visit: www.endchildslaveryweek.org