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Plan of Action

World Day Against Child Labour Plan of Action

As has been noted by others, including the ILO, the World Day Against Child Labour will be commemorated just one month after the Global Conference on Child Labour held in the Netherlands. The event therefore provides an early opportunity for local, national and international activities to follow up on the momentum of the conference and to instil the vital sense of urgency necessary for us all to make a real difference to the lives of child labourers. On this World Day, Global March calls for:

The participants at the 2010 International Labour Conference to fully endorse the outcome of the Global Conference on Child Labour – Roadmap 2016. 

A renewed urgency among the international community and all governments, social partners and civil society organisations worldwide to work together effectively and coherently to eliminate and prevent child labour and to implement and follow-up Roadmap 2016.

A commitment by the UN agencies, international and donor communities to ensure the meaningful involvement of civil society and the social partners in these efforts through adequate financial and technical support underpinned by a sustained coherent and strategic plan of action. 

Scaling up global, national and local level efforts by making action against all forms of child labour an integral part of poverty reduction, social protection and education planning strategies, including through the development and monitoring of relevant indicators.

Suggested action for 2010

There are two specific activities that Global March would like to suggest to members, partners and organisations around the world. Given the short timeframe between now and the World Day, Global March is keeping its suggestions as simple and straightforward as possible, while still proposing activities that will have some level of community, national and international impact.

Classroom activities

The first of these concerns the classroom activities developed and promoted by the ILO on its World Day web site which can be accessed through www.ilo.org. These classroom activities have been published in a brochure format and are available in EnglishFrench and Spanish. Global March commends the ILO for developing these activities which draw from its popular SCREAM programme modules. These activities can be carried out by teachers and educators in all types of environments, including schools, non-formal education programmes, community groups, youth groups, and so on. They require only your commitment, motivation and passion to use them to great effect with all children. Please use them and prepare some activities with children around the World Day to give it real meaning to them. The ILO has already produced other related materials which we would like to make available to you here and encourage you to download, print and use as part of your advocacy and awareness-raising efforts around the World Day:

“Go for the Goal” poster in EnglishFrench and Spanish 

“Go for the Goal” brochure in EnglishFrench and Spanish

There are other informational and support materials available on the ILO World Day web site and we would encourage you all to visit it, download what you need and inform yourselves and others!

Football matches

The second activity we would like to propose relates closely to the World Cup, the sport of football and the campaign 1Goal and in recognition of the right of all children to play. We feel it would mobilise all types of communities around the world to organise football matches which would involve any and everybody and which could be used to raise awareness of the issue of child labour and the importance of education. These matches could be organised in schools, universities, offices, community centres, places of work, sports clubs – every and anywhere! The only limitation on where to organise a football match is your own imagination!