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Global March Calls For Action

Global March Call For Action!!

Global March Calls on all Governments to:

  • Ratify and implement ILO Convention 138 and 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labour
  • Establish and vigorously enforce legislation to protect the rights of children
  • Budget allocation for the withdrawal rehabilitation and education of the children.
  • Prompt and stringent action should be taken against the industries that are encouraging the use of child labour.
  • Proper inspectoral system for monitoring the laws.
  • There is no significant data available. A proper research should be done to know the kind of work in which children are involved and the geographical area where child labour is rampant.

Global March Calls on all Regional, Sub-Regional, Multilateral and Bilateral Organisations to:

  • Set up significant funds for advocacy, prevention, rehabilitation, and reintegration projects to combat child labour in agriculture.
  • Work in collaboration and partnership with governmental organization and other NGO’s

Global March Calls all the Trade Unions to:

  • Ensure there is no illegal child labour and the adults are getting their “minimum wages”
  • Report, withdraw and educate children engaged in mines and quarries
  • Lobby for the ratification and implementation of international conventions and government laws on child labour and minimum age of employment.

Global March Calls all the businesses to:

  • Ensure that there is no child labour involved in any segment of supply chain.
  • Give minimum wages to the adult workers and ensure that labour laws are upheld in their businesses.

Global March Calls on All People to:

  • Educate themselves on the issue of child labour in agriculture and report any incidents of such crimes to appropriate authorities and to concerned NGOs.
  • Boycott products and commodities that are likely to be tainted by the sweat of child labourers

Proposed Activities Around the Globe

  • Public hearings on the state of child labour in the region.
  • Press conference
  • Projecting profiles of child labourers in agriculture,
  • Campaigning with Government to stop child labour in agriculture
  • National Scale Discussion program on the issue
  • Preparation of national (children’s) declaration on the issue
  • Direct Programs in the real affected areas with the children