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Global March Sweden

Global March's 9th Anniversary was celebrated by Global March Sweden in Örebro on 17th January 2007 evening time. A large number of children, teachers, parents and other Child Rights activists gathered in a cold and snowy weather and let their torches light up the darkness.

They marched along the main street of the city and raised slogans like, Go, Go Global March, Education for All and Eliminate Child Labour Now.

The March was organised by the leaders of Örebro Global March group, Mr Anders Enarsson and Mr Kjell Sundqvist.

Madelene Ulfström, one of the Swedish representatives in the Child Labour Congress in Florence participated with a delegation from Lidköping together with Swedish Global March co-ordinator Ehsan Ullah Khan, Wolfgang Scneider, who organised the march in Sweden 1998 and other members of Global March in Lidköping.

On the end of the march, a special meeting was held in a Café with global athmosphere, where children made a big bird of paper as a memory of the Japanese girl Sadako and to remind the world for global peace. A South American music group was playing music from South America and fairtrade coffee and other products were sold from a fairtrade stall.