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Core Conventions

Global March supports the ILO’s acknowledgement that the two conventions on child labour namely Convention 138 – on Minimum Age of Employment and Convention 182 on Worst forms of child labour are the most widely ratified conventions, but the ratification and national level implementation of remaining six ILO core conventions directly/ indirectly also have a significant role to play in attaining the objectives of the two child labour conventions. Workers not enjoying decent working conditions in terms of freedom, equity, security and human dignity working on precarious working contracts (sometimes none)(specially in the informal sector) are more likely to send their children to work instead of attending school. Workers’ rights are under attack by Governments in continents as developed as Europe let alone the developing world. Member nations must ratify and implement the core international labour conventions of the ILO to ensure the alignment of their national policy and legislative frameworks. Increased efforts by governments to create job opportunities and instituting decent working conditions for workers would in the long run help develop sustainable economies and ensure that children can benefit from dignified and fulfilled childhoods and be at a place where they truly belong – i.e. schools.