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The  International Conference  on  Child  Labour  in Agriculture  will  address  the  continuing  widespread  incidence  and  serious consequences of child labour in agricultural activities.

Towards catalysing meaningful and constructive action for protection of children from exploitation and elimination of child labour in agriculture, the International Conference on Child Labour in Agriculture is aiming at the following key objectives:

  • High level advocacy for elimination of child labour in agriculture; and
  • Empowerment, knowledge sharing, engagement and networking of civil society organisations to accelerate actions at grassroots and national levels.

Through  an  International  Conference  on  Child  Labour  in  Agriculture,  the  Global  March  will  work  with governments, UN agencies, farmer and out-grower organisations, trade unions, employers and businesses, multi-stakeholder initiatives, and civil society organisations to raise social and political awareness and will on child labour in agriculture, support the analysis of the knowledge base including the good practices, provide technical assistance  and  guidance  to  the  civil  society  organisations  and  businesses  in  promoting  decent  work  in agriculture, thereby empowering families, communities and civil society organisations to be active participants in the fight against exploitation of children, particularly in agriculture and allied processes.