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Is Your Country on Track?

With only two years to go to meet the Education For All goals, the world still has a long way to go to achieve gender parity in education. Check out how your country is doing by clicking on the map below. If your country still doesn't have an equal number of girls as boys in schools, then call your government to take urgent action now by sending off a report card to your Minister of Education.



Download a copy of the gender gap statistics region by region in pdf format:

Asia and Asia - Pacific [pdf document 125 KB ]

Middle East and North Africa [pdf document 148 KB]

Latin America [pdf document 125 KB ]

Sub-Saharan Africa [ pdf document 185 KB ]

World Map



Source1: UNICEF 'State of the World's Children 2003' Report 
Table 4 - Education - Net Primary School Attendance

Source2: UNESCO - Institute for Statistics - Education
Net Enrolment at Primary Level 1999/2000


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1 Guatemala 2 Paraguay 3 Egypt 4 Niger 5 Morocco 6 Mali 7 Senegal 8 Guinea-Bissau 9 Guinea 10 Sierra Leone 11 Liberia 12 Côte d’Ivoire 13 Burkina Faso 14 Benin 15 Nigeria 16 Cameroon 17 Democratic Republic of Congo 18 Central African Republic(C.A.R) 19 Mozambique 20 Chad 21 Ethopia 22 Djibouti 23 Yemen 24 Pakistan 25 India 26 Lao Democratic People’s Republic 27 Nepal 28 Afghanistan 29 Iraq