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Worldwide Movement

A re-energised worldwide movement against child labour is necessary to prevent a certain ‘child labour fatigue’ and mobilise the political will necessary for enhanced national efforts and budgetary allocations prioritising combating child labour. Global March along with the global union federations has mobilised and sustained the worldwide movement, particularly through significant initiatives on advocacy, in enhanced partnerships in combatting child labour, with the Education for All (EFA) movement and in increasing global influence through multi-stakeholder initiatives to address child labour. However, to develop, support and sustain the worldwide movement, the international stakeholders must increase global influence through developing more effective advocacy tools, particularly through inter and intra-regional collaboration for combating child labour. Global March has time and again reminded the governments and the international community that they must ensure that they “keep their promises” regarding the Millennium Development Goals (2015) and the elimination of the worst forms of child labour (2016).