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Message of Support

Kailash Satyarthi, Chairperson of Global March Against Child Labour and President of Global Campaign for Education

“Governments are in complete agreement that universal primary education is an urgent priority and a key to ending world poverty, yet the crisis persists. Now children of the world have united, and leaders must listen to their demands for education for all.” He further added :"We will show the people of India, the Government of India and the media just how strong the desire for education is among the children here. All throughout the week, children will be making their message loud and clear: they will wait no more, listen no more, or accept no more broken promises from the leaders of this country to educate every child. They want their right to education and they want it NOW!” 

Kofi Anan, United Nations Secretary General

Kofi Annan sends message of support to the Global Action Week for Education: “More than 100 million children are being denied a basic human right—the right to an education, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Most of those missing out are girls.. I fully support the Global Campaign for Education's Week of Action and call upon world leaders to support education for all the world's children.”

International Labour Organisation

ILO-IPEC sent a mesage of support for the Global Action Week and point to the millions of children missing an education because they are victims of child labour. Pointing to the importance of eliminating child labour in order to achieve Education For All, they note recent discussions in a jointly co-hosted Round Table, by ILO/ UNESCO / Global March Against Child Labour, entitled “From Exploitation to Education: Achieving Education For All and the Elimination of Child Labour” which led to the New Delhi Declaration. This document underscored “the importance of addressing the root causes of child labour and the poor quality and access to education within a broader poverty reduction strategy in line with the Millennium Development Goals.” In this respect, it called for the creation of a global task force on child labour and education"