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Country Updates


ANPPCAN Ethiopia conducted various activities to draw the attention of politicians, government officials, the media and the public to highlight the importance of girls' education. More than 10,000 students, teachers, government officials and NGO representatives took part in the campaign organised by ANPPCAN-Ethiopia. 
[ Reference: ANPPCAN-Ethiopia Chapter] 

Romania expected 10,000 children to take part in the Big Lesson but on the day they had four times as many, writes Save the Children Romania, who organised the event in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research. 
[ Reference: Salvati Copiii ]

In India more than 3,40,000 children, women and men took part in the largest ever lesson on April 9, 2003 between 9:30 to 10 in the morning.
[ Reference: South Asian Coalition On Child Servitude and GCE ]

East Asia
In East Asia, more than 100,000 children and teachers joined Oxfam and partners in the World's Biggest Lesson and related events, with excellent media coverage throughout the week.
[ Reference: GCE ] 

In Kg. Chhanang, Cambodia, after the lesson, girl children from school dormitories marched to Provincial Office of Education for a dialogue with local education officials about girls education.
[ Reference: GCE ] 

In Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia there were Girls' Orations and street campaigns, "open space" schools for street children, drawing, story-telling and speech-making competitions and 45,000 Big Lesson participants on one island ( Lombok) alone.
Indonesia also witnessed the first education civil society stakeholders' dialogue with the Indonesian EFA committee during the Action Week.
[ Reference: GCE ] 

In Vietnam there were another 45,000 participants and the lesson was broadcast live on Voice of Vietnam radio.
[ Reference: GCE ] 

In the Philippines, E-Net followed the world record attempt with a two-day forum on EFA which concluded with the presentation of action points and recommendations to the ministry.
[ Reference: GCE ] 

East Timor
In East Timor, a National Conference on Education took place during the Action Week. Teachers, students, NGOs, government, religious and cultural institutions, activists, aid agencies joined together for a 3-day meeting to start dialogue on the philosophy of the East Timorese Education System and come up with policy and program proposals on ECCD, teacher training, adult literacy, popular education and basic formal education.
[ Reference: GCE ] 

In Peru the lesson organised by CESIP was a great success and the Minister of Education took one of the classes with much media interest.
[ Reference: GCE ] 

ANPPCAN Nigeria in collaboration with the Child Rescue and Survival Project successfully managed to carry out the Lesson Plan in 4 centres, Trans Ekullu Secondary School, New Haven Primary School, Trans Ekullu Ogba Centre and Prize Winners' College School. The lesson was carried out simultaneously at 10.00 a.m. in all the centers. 
[ Reference: ANPPCAN Nigeria Chapter ] 

CAMPE in Bangladesh ran a fantastic program where at least 400,000 children and adults participated in the GCE's World's Biggest Lesson.
[ Reference: CAMPE ]

In Uruguay the lesson was carried out in Constitution Square Melo where 1,500 children participated. The children sported badges made by themselves with the leit-motif of the Campaign. The posters and boards in the Square feature the main figures regarding education and literacy, as part of the content of the lesson. 

The Children's Human Rights Centre of Albania - CRCA in partnership with the Educational Authority of Tirana and Global March Against Child Labour, organised "The World's Biggest Lesson" with the participation of 287 children from four schools in Tirana, as part of the Global Campaign for Education.
[ Reference: Children' s Human Rights Centre of Albania ] 

In Russia the lesson was conducted in several cities including Moscow where 880 children participated. In Perm City and Serov Town about 810 and 579 people participated respectively. The media coverage of the lesson was also good with the news in Moscow being published in "Moskovsky Komsomolets," radio "Yunost" and the TV channel "Moscovia". Serov Town was also not left behind with the coverage being done by Serov TV company and two information agencies of Serov Town.
[ Reference: New Perspectives Foundation ] 

In Zambia about two thousand children took part in the World's Biggest Lesson which was delivered by Deputy Minister of Education, Hon. Eddie Kasukumya. Children In Need Network was able to pull together stakeholders including UNICEF, Members of Parliament, and the Department of Child Affairs for the occasion. 
[ Reference: Children In Need Network Zambia ] 

In Togo and in the whole of Francophone Africa the Global Action Week was a great success. The activities that took place during the week were conferences and round tables in colleges and high schools on the themes "The Girl Child Education as a Priority" and "Toward Free and Compulsory Education for All". However the climax of the celebration of this year was the jamboree organized in one of the biggest college of the Togolese capital city, Lomé. This big meeting was organized by the Global March Regional Coordination in partnership with Plan Togo who brought a very active and remarkable contribution to its success. The meeting saw the participation of all the female members of the National Assembly of Togo, the Prefect of " Golfe" (Lomé and surrounding regions) and many members of the Government. Students from almost 17 schools (primary and secondary), that is between 10 and 15 thousand students participated. 
[ WAO Afrique ] 

ANPPCAN Liberia, the Global March's representative in Liberia joined thousands of school children, parents and campaigners from over 100 countries around the world to highlight the issue of girls and women education. Female educators from ANPPCAN Liberia and prominent women from the Liberian society discussed the importance of girls' education on the topic" Girls/Women Education - A Key to Poverty Elimination in Liberia". The World's Largest Lesson was also a great success with lessons being held in churches, communities, schools and public centers.
[ ANPPCAN - Liberia Chapter ] 

On 9th of April, at 10 in the morning around seven hundred children from primary and secondary schools in Macedonia assembled for the biggest Lesson in the World. This lesson, which was part of the Global Action Week, was supported by Kofi Annan- UN secretary General. According to the latest statistics from Macedonia the number of illiterate people is 87,749 of which 67,254 of them are woman and 748 between 10-14 years and 1079 between 15-19 years are girls. The lesson was to highlight the importance of girls' education in Macedonia.
[ First Children's Embassy in the World ]

Burkina Faso
3000 children took part in the world's biggest lesson on April 9th to highlight the importance of girls' education.