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Agriculture Conference

To accelerate and sustain efforts towards the realisation of the commitments of the Roadmap 2016, Global March is organising an International Conference on Child Labour in Agriculture (Agriculture Conference) from 28 to 30 July 2012 in Washington DC, USA. An estimated 60% of child labourers across the globe work in the agricultural sector under potentially hazardous conditions. Child labourers engaged in commercial farms producing yields for domestic and export sectors continue to reel under the peril of injuries while working with heavy machinery. Such children are prone to incorrigible respiratory diseases because of prolonged exposure to pesticides and poisonous chemicals. The plight of these children cannot be ignored. Tackling child labour in agriculture, therefore, must be allocated the highes priority in future development programmes and actions. There is a need for an improved knowledge base, the introduction of more efficient and effective resources, the implementation of sustainable and long-term programmes and the mainstreaming of child labour across policies, programmes and legislative frameworks. Global policy advocacy on the issue of child labour in agriculture therefore would significantly drive Global March’s agenda in the years that follow.

As of its strategic targeting of agriculture as a priority, the Agriculture Conference is being organised with the twin agendas of:

  1. creating ground for high level of advocacy on the issue of child labour in agriculture; and

  2. empowering, engaging, and facilitating knowledge-sharing of good practices between the different participants of the conference - such as the farmers organisations, agricultural trade unions, employers and businesses, multistakeholder initiatives and the civil society organisations for concrete collaborations and actions at the national and grassroots levels.

The conference will invite key partners from the UN, governments, inter-governmental, employer, farmer and trade union organisations, civil society organisations, multi-stakeholder initiatives on child labour in agricultural sectors, and others to create advocacy opportunities, share knowledge and capacity, build and strenghten innovative and strategic partnerships, and establish a strategic platform of action and follow-up, including for the Roadmap 2016. It is anticipated that around 100 participants (possibly up to 150) will attend the conference. Global March has drafted a working paper for the conference which will be disseminated to the participants in advance of the conference.

We would request you to track our website www.globalmarch.org  for more information about the upcoming Agriculture Conference. Please feel free to write to us at info@globalmarch.org.