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Advocacy Action

Advocacy actions

The process of invitations to the conference is following normal ILO procedures which means that member States will be invited to send tripartite delegations including representatives of government, employers’ and workers’ organisations. The organisers are also sending out limited invitations to certain civil society groups. In terms of what can de done on advocacy at national level for the conference by Global March members and partners, we would like to suggest some of the following possible actions:

Lobby governments for possible inclusion on national delegations to the conference. The conference organisers will be inviting tripartite delegations and every effort should be made to try and secure inclusion on these delegations by Global March members and partners if possible.

Lobby the tripartite partners, particularly trade unions, to organise national consultations on the conference and the Roadmap. The objective should be to ensure that civil society and trade union perspectives are taken into account in the elaboration of national positions on key aspects of the conference Roadmap and the various agenda items. It is important that trade union and civil society delegates are well briefed prior to attending this conference.

Consider implementing awareness-raising and lobbying campaigns around the conference, its goals and the roadmap, taking into account national concerns and situations. The objective should be to influence decision-makers who will be attending the conference as official delegates.

If members and/or partners are successful in getting on national delegations or in ensuring an invitation through some other means, then please inform the Global March International Secretariat by e-mail as soon as possible.

In principle, a joint Global March, ITUC and Education International pre-conference briefing and consultation session will be organised in theevening of 9th May 2010 for all trade union and civil society participants to discuss concerns, key messages and objectives. Final details of this activity will be posted on the Global March web site in due course and distributed to Global March mailing lists.

The global conference is an historic event in the Global March calendar and everything possible is being done to influence the content and outcome as much as possible. This is a watershed moment for the fight against child labour and Global March, its members and partners cannot afford not to succeed in the endeavour to drive forward the agenda to protect all children from exploitation and to ensure that they can benefit from good quality education, decent living standards and fulfilled, safe and happy childhoods.

Global March would like to hear from all members and partners regarding their preparations and actions in the build-up to the global conference. Please e-mail details of any activities or related queries on the conference here. Please do not hesitate to put links to these pages and the official web sites of the conference on your institutional web sites. If you would like us to include web links on the Global March web page, then please let us know.

It is vital that we communicate and collaborate as efficiently and as effectively as possible around the conference and its follow-up.