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Action for members and partners

Possible action for members and partners

In ratifying ILO Convention No. 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labour, governments undertake, in collaboration with social partners and civil society, to establish lists of hazardous child labour in their countries that must be prioritised for urgent remedial action. In this respect, Global March urges members and partners to consider the following possible areas of action in respect of hazardous child labour to mark this year’s World Day:

To find out if a list of hazardous child labour has been established by the government and social partners and whether this list is up-to-date or needs to be revised. This information can be obtained from the government, from trade union confederations and through National Steering Committees on Child Labour where these exist. If the list needs to be revised, advocacy action could be organised to ensure that this review is undertaken as soon as possible and that the hazardous list is disseminated throughout the country for follow-up.

To assess national and international resources and programmes dedicated to tackling the incidence of hazardous child labour and working towards its reduction and ultimate elimination. Armed with this data, members and partners could develop and implement advocacy and related action to either mobilise further resources to target hazardous child labour and/or to assess impact and sustainable change.

To develop and implement awareness-raising campaigns on hazardous child labour, targeting different stakeholder groups and the general public, particularly those communities at risk of child labour.

To recognise and support the important work of trade unions in conjunction with employers and state labour inspection systems in ensuring that working conditions meet ILO health and safety standards.

To develop advocacy campaigns to call on governments to acknowledge the cross-cutting nature of child labour and to ensure a coherent, well-resourced and multi-faceted child labour elimination programme that promotes education for all, decent work and adequate social protection as a minimum.

To ensure that children below the minimum age of employment are in school and benefiting from free, good quality public education and that youth of legal working age are working in safe conditions that meet occupational safety and health standards.

Sustainable action to reduce and eliminate child labour needs to also focus on the promotion of decent and productive work for youth and adults. Parents who benefit from decent working conditions, including a living wage, would not need to send their children to work rather than school to augment family income.

For further information

Global March welcomes the launch of this year’s World Day campaign and its important theme of hazardous child labour and echoes the call for support by the ILO in asking its members and partners to:

·         Forward this information to other organisation in their networks and mobilise strong support for the World Day.

·         Organise an event to mark the World Day.

·         Issue a media release in support of the World Day.

·         Include a link to the World Day web page on their web sites. 

Send copies of media messages and reports and photographs of events and activities to info@globalmarch.org so that Global March might promote the action of its members and partners on its web site.

The ILO’s World Day web page contains further information on the 2011 World Day theme and key messages. In addition, various promotional materials, including posters and educational documentation, will be added to the site in the weeks building up to 12 June 2011. These materials will assist members and partners in their activities and actions before, during and after the World Day.

Therefore, Global March members and partners are urged to visit the ILO site as follows:

For English, click here

For French, click here

For Spanish, click here

Please support the 2011 World Day Against Child Labour!