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Action 2012

“Human Rights and Social Justice... lets end child labour” is the theme that the International Labour Organization (ILO) has announced for World Day Against Child Labour 2012 that will be observed on 12 June. This goal can only be achieved when the respective government are working towards it in a constructive manner. Its the responsibility of the civil society to remind them about their commitments and evaluate their work. This year Global March urges its partners to re-energize their governments on the step-up efforts to end child labour

Following possible actions can be taken for the eve of WDACL 2012

  1. If you have any idea of campaign and need help in organizing it then do let us know. We would try to provide possible assistance. 
  2. Forward this information to other organisations in your networks and mobilise strong support for the World Day. You can issue press release , make announcements on radio and televisions as well ( secretariat can help in writing press releases , contact media channels etc )
  3. Review the efforts by your governments towards elimination of child labour. Write letters with your demands and suggestions to acclerate action towards elimination of child labour. 
  4. Bringing children for children- Making school and college students aware of the issue and recording their message regarding child labour and education for all.
  5. Organise an event to mark the World Day.
  6. Issue a media release in support of the World Day.
  7. Include a link to the World Day web page on their web sites.
  8. Send copies of media messages and reports and photographs of events and activities to info@globalmarch.org so that Global March might promote the action of its members and partners on its web site.