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About the conference

The Global Conference on Child Labour will be held in The Hague, Netherlands, 10-11 May 2010. It is being hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and co-organised in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Entitled “Towards a world without child labour – Mapping the road to 2016”, the conference will attempt to set out a plan of action between now and 2016 – the year that the ILO’s member States have agreed to target for the elimination of all worst forms of child labour. The plan of action is to be called “Roadmap 2016”.

The main conference objectives are:

to deliver the commitment to take immediate and effective measures to end the worst forms of child labour as a matter of urgency;

to agree on significantly intensified efforts to reach the 2016 goal laid down in the ILO’s Global Action Plan to eliminate worst forms of child labour;

to rapidly achieve universal ratification of ILO Conventions Nos. 138 and 182.

Documentation and information on the conference is available in French and Spanish.

The event will also launch the ILO’s 2010 Global Report on Child Labour which will publish new global statistics and an analysis of child labour trends since the last report in 2006. Global March will put the report for download in English, French and Spanish on its web site once it becomes available.

The conference will provide the opportunity to participating countries and organisations to showcase good practices and lessons learned in the fight against child labour. Thematic sessions will be organised on political awareness, financing needs, policy integration, tripartite action and a focus on Africa which will facilitate further discussions on challenges and opportunities and to share experiences. Click here for a copy of the detailed agenda.

Detailed information on the conference is available on both the ILO web site through a link on the home page – www.ilo.org - and a dedicated conference web site - www.childlabourconference2010.com. Global March urges its members and partners to visit these web sites to inform themselves of the event and the forthcoming discussions.

Official programme from conference organisers