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Education Campaign

In October 1999, on the eve of the World Education Forum, a coalition of civil society organisations joined forces to launch "Global Campaign for Education". The GCE was founded by ActionAid, Education International, Oxfam International and the Global March Against Child Labour, and currently represents developmental NGOs and teachers' unions in more than 100 countries. The Global March's Education Campaign collaborates closely with the GCE to take action for increasing resources for education and ensuring that education, as key to ending child labour, remains high on the political agenda among the governments of developing and donor countries.

We firmly believe that providing free, quality and compulsory education lies within the states' responsibilities. At the international level, our lobbying extends to various arms of UNESCO, the World Bank, IMF, G-8 and other agencies responsible for meeting developmental needs. At the national level, our partners, which include teachers, educators, civil society leaders and child activists, continue to lead activities to demand their rights to education. The GCE partners are committed to mobilising civil society and stakeholders in ensuring that the governments fulfill their promises to provide free, quality and compulsory education for all by the year 2015.


The Campaign demands:

  • Free and compulsory, quality public basic education for all children, and a second chance for adults who have missed out
  • Increased provision of quality early childhood education and care
  • Increased public expenditure on education to, at least, 6% of GNP, and new resources, through aid and debt relief, for the poorest countries; and an end to child labour
  • Democratic participation of, and accountability to civil society, including teachers and their unions, in decision making on education at all levels
  • Reform of International Monetary Fund and World Bank Structural Adjustment policies to ensure that they support, rather than undermine, free, quality public basic education
  • Fair and regular salaries for teachers, properly equipped classrooms and a supply of quality text books
  • Inclusive and non-discriminatory provision of services for all
  • A global action plan for basic education to mobilise political will and new resources in support of national education plans to realise the 2015 targets