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Global March activities in 2011

“As a mark of our commitment to Roadmap 2016, we are planning two major international events in 2011,” said Global March Chairperson Kailash Satyarthi. “The first of these will be on 11 May, the first anniversary of Roadmap 2016, when we will hold an international consultation on child labour in the global garment-manufacturing sector. The second to be held in Morocco in October 2011 will focus on the more entrenched problem area, child labour in agriculture. Most child labourers are found in this sector and until and unless we put in place sustainable solutions to eliminate child labour in this vast and complex industry, then Roadmap 2016 will surely fail in its mission.”

He went on: “With the incredible challenges and difficulties that are facing the world today – and the terrible unfolding situation in Japan is an example of this – poor, vulnerable and marginalised children need us today more than ever before. We all know the end of child labour is possible and we call on national governments and the international community alike to commit themselves to a strong and decisive course of national and international action, supported by adequate national and international development resources and coherent policies and programmes in which child labour is mainstreamed across all development goals.”