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Summit Outcome Documents

Summit outcome document

This process will involve closer analysis of the outcome document around which Global March will further review its strategic plan of action. The document acknowledges that although progress has been made in the last decade towards achieving the MDGs, this progress “falls far short of what is needed”. In this context, the international community resolves to address these shortcomings and “work together for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples.” It also takes into account the impact of the global economic crisis on progress already made and what this might mean for the future.

It is encouraging to see references to the need for increased mobilisation of resources and this was supported to a certain extent by various financial commitments made by different governments and agencies during the Summit and some side events, for example, US$40 billion was pledged by a wide range of donors over the next five years to accelerate progress on women’s and children’s health. However, these commitments must become reality if they are to make a difference and this further underlines the importance of the role of trade unions and civil society in ensuring that these funds are actually made available. Financial commitments have been made and broken in the recent past and at a time when the global economy was booming.

Heads of State also take note of the lessons learned in the past in making progress towards the MDGs and emphasise the need to replicate and upscale successful models across all the goals. They highlight the need to offer greater support to least-developed countries and that more and greater attention needs to be given to development in Africa, especially those countries which are most off track to achieve the goals by 2015.